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For over 25 years, the CSA has effectively advocated on behalf of its members and the travelling public on a range of issues such as the preservation of health coverage, reimbursement for out-of-country medical emergencies, access to prescription medications, and much more. On September 19, , U. This bill would allow eligible Canadian retirees to spend up to eight months vacationing in the United States annually — two months longer than the current six-month limit. This legislation seeks to increase the admission period for qualified Canadian retirees vacationing in the United States to eight months. The CSA works with the Saskatchewan Government to overturn the application of provincial sales tax PST on travel medical insurance premiums in the province. The Manitoba Department of Health, Seniors and Active Living clarifies their position on the term certificate, indicating to the CSA in writing that it is only a recommendation and not a requirement for Manitoba travellers departing the province for more than three months. Effective January 1, , Saskatchewan formally increases the amount of time residents may be absent from the province, from six to seven months over any month period , while still retaining continuous provincial health coverage. The Northwest Territories changes their temporary absence policy, and now allows residents to be absent from the territory for up to seven months, while still remaining eligible for continuous health coverage.

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Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable, often described as modern-day slavery. This crime robs its victims of their most basic human rights and is occurring in Canada and worldwide. The victims, who are mostly women and children, are deprived of their normal lives and compelled to provide their labour or sexual services, through a variety of coercive practices all for the direct profit of their perpetrators.

This site provides our stakeholders with access to the Explosives Regulations, and Frequently Asked Questions – Parts 1 to

The following list highlights significant dates of the Canadian space history as well as major events and news of interest related to Canada’s activities in space. Sir Edward Sabine establishes the first magnetic observatory at the University of Toronto, to study the proposition made by Edmund Halley in that northern lights were formed according to the Earth’s magnetic field.

Sabine is first to determine that magnetic disturbances occur worldwide and are related to the number and strength of sunspots. The First International Polar Year, organized on an international basis, includes measurements of meteorological, magnetic, and auroral phenomena in northern Canada. Canada participates by establishing measurement field stations of meteorological, magnetic and auroral phenomena beyond the Arctic Circle. Radio techniques are used for the first time in Canada to demonstrate the correlation between solar radiation and the ionosphere.

The latter is the predecessor of the Communications Research Centre. International Geophysical Year.

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On March 27, , this legislation was repealed retroactive to January 1, January The creation of a new year Canadian passport is announced in the federal budget. Currently Release date: Dec 17, LEARN MORE + Of course, the best kind of policy is one that covers you if.. LEARN MORE +.

For further information please visit our Implementing the Canadian Energy Regulator Act information page. The National Energy Board NEB or Board is an independent federal regulator whose purpose is to promote safety and security, environmental protection and efficient infrastructure and markets in the Canadian public interest [1] within the mandate set by Parliament for the regulation of pipelines, energy development, and trade.

The Board’s main responsibilities include regulating the construction and operation of interprovincial and international oil and natural gas pipelines, international power lines, and designated interprovincial power lines. Furthermore, the Board regulates the tolls and tariffs for the pipelines under its jurisdiction. With respect to the specific energy commodities, the Board regulates the export of natural gas, oil, natural gas liquids NGLs and electricity, and the import of natural gas.

Additionally, the Board regulates oil and natural gas exploration and development on frontier lands and offshore areas not covered by provincial or federal management agreements. The Board periodically publishes assessments of Canadian energy supply, demand and markets in support of its ongoing market monitoring. These assessments address various aspects of energy markets in Canada.

While preparing this report, in addition to conducting its own quantitative analysis, the NEB held a series of informal meetings and discussions with natural gas producers, pipeline companies, and industry associations. The NEB appreciates the information and comments provided and would like to thank all participants for their time and expertise.

If a party wishes to rely on material from this report in any regulatory proceeding before the NEB, it may submit the material, just as it may submit any public document.

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See More. The Bank expects a sharp rebound in economic activity in the reopening phase of the recovery, followed by a more prolonged recuperation phase. Understanding digital currencies and related financial technologies is an important part of our research agenda. These forecasts are provided to Governing Council in preparation for monetary policy decisions. They are released once a year with a five-year lag.

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To obtain a copy of this publication, or to receive it in an alternate format Braille, large print, etc. For permission to reproduce the information in this publication for commercial purposes, please fill out the Application for Crown Copyright Clearance at www. The large majority over 39, fall within the software and computer services industries. The ICT sector consists mainly of small companies, with approximately 37, of them employing fewer than 10 people. The number of large companies employing over individuals accounts for approximately firms, including subsidiaries of foreign multinational corporations.

Manufacturing stands out as the sub-sector with larger companies. In , Strong growth continued in as the sector grew by 4. All ICT services sub-sectors experienced positive growth in The ICT manufacturing industries saw a 2. ICT wholesaling posted the strongest growth, up 8. Meanwhile, software and computer services expanded by 7. Since , the ICT sector has posted a stronger annual growth than the total economy.

On average, annual growth in this sector has been 4.

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Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, tap limits were increased to help Canadians avoid touching surfaces like payment Ask MoneySense. Ask a Planner. Real Estate. Credit Cards. Should you worry?

Percent Shrubs and Understory Trees Planted to Tree Canada provided funding for 57, trees and shrubs Working from the 5 Year Plan , other planting sites To date, 3, hectares of barren land have been treated with As in the past, Regreening crews dug up the top 4 inches (10​.

Now in its 13 th year, Canada’s Greenest Employers is an editorial competition organized by the Canada’s Top Employers project. This special designation recognizes the employers that lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness in their organizations. These employers have developed exceptional sustainability initiatives — and are attracting people to their organizations because of their environmental leadership.

This award grew out of two remarkable speeches given by Al Gore and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. For more background on this year’s competition, read the June 16, , feature story in The Globe and Mail announcing this year’s winners and the press release from competition organizers issued the same day. Each spring, our editors release the list of winners and publish their reasons for selection — click an employer’s name below to read why each of this year’s winners was chosen.

Publishing detailed Reasons for Selection is an important feature of our competition: it provides transparency in the selection of winners and “raises the bar” so that other employers can improve upon these best-practices. Any employer operating in Canada may apply for the Canada’s Greenest Employers competition.

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We hope you will find the information on this site to be helpful and we welcome your input. The update to the Enterprise Risk Management — Integrated Framework addresses the evolution of enterprise risk management and the need for organizations to improve their approach to managing risk to meet the demands of an evolving business environment.

The update highlights the importance of considering risk in both the strategy-setting process and in driving performance. Review a free copy of the Executive Summary. View additional information or purchase the updated Enterprise Risk Management — Integrated Framework.

I love you 3,(%): Top 10 TSX Composite stocks of the decade Canadian business has experienced devastating commodity price crashes, Around , the company said the mine needed “significant” work and a big To date, the Macassa and Fosterville Mines are its two main projects and its CTV News Sites.

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The disruptive flood cut off dozens of communities throughout the province and prompted the largest evacuation across Canada in more than 60 years with up to , Albertans told to leave their homes. In its wake, the flood caused unbelievable infrastructure losses from 1, km of destroyed roads and hundreds of washed-away bridges and culverts. Among insured losses were thousands of cars and homes demolished and damaged by backed-up sewers and small rivulets that exploded into raging torrents.

Southern Alberta is no stranger to flooding, especially in June — typically the wettest month of the year and a time when mountain snowmelt begins to appear on the Prairies. The mountain snowpack in May was immense, over one metre in places. Further, the spring was wet leaving the ground saturated and streams and rivers bloated. Calgary and some foothill weather stations had greater rainfall amounts between May 23 and 24 than those experienced during the flood a month later.

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Accreditation Canada inspires people around the world to improve outcomes through independent assessments against global standards. Learn more. Partnerships, not audits.

To. Year. Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: An Updated Guide for Businesses. Aug. 10, – The federal government passed legislation on July 27, , extending 13, – Here you will find up-to-date information and comprehensive insights​.

To , more uranium had been mined in Canada than any other country — , tU, about one-fifth of the world total. In Canada, uranium ores first came to public attention in the early s when the Eldorado Gold Mining Company began operations at Port Radium, Northwest Territories, to recover radium. A refinery to produce radium was built the following year at Port Hope, Ontario, some km away.

Exploration for uranium began in earnest in , in response to a demand for military purposes. The strategic nature of such material resulted in a ban on prospecting and mining of all radioactive materials across Canada. In , the federal government took over the Eldorado company and formed a new Crown corporation which later became Eldorado Nuclear Ltd. Uranium exploration was restricted to the joint efforts of Eldorado and the Geological Survey of Canada.

Postwar, uranium exploration gathered pace when the wartime ban on private prospecting was lifted in Deposits around the Bancroft, Ontario, area were discovered by the early s, and the first discovery in Ontario’s Elliot Lake region was in The northern Saskatchewan uranium province was also discovered in the s and Eldorado Nuclear began mining at Beaverlodge in By thousands of radioactive occurrences had been discovered. Several proved to be viable deposits, and by , 23 mines with 19 treatment plants were in operation in five districts.

Of these 19, about 11 in the Elliot Lake area, including the largest plants, would come to be operated by Rio Algom and Denison Mines. Three other plants were located near Bancroft, three in northern Saskatchewan and two in Northwest Territories.

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